My Best Friend's Incredible 90 Day Body Transformation (Documentary) | $500 CHALLENGE

12 janv. 2021
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My Best Friend's Incredible 90 Day Body Transformation (Documentary) | THE $500 CHALLENGE
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This is Sten, we created this channel together in may 2013, the name was epicstean, we were 13, and we made videos that were, well, interesting...
After some time I took over the channel at a whopping 186 subscribers and changed the name to Browney. I started making videos, with Sten still sometimes in there.
I started working out, transformed myself, uploaded that, and I kept making videos.
Now, almost 8 years later, this is Sten, he is 20 years old, 190cm / 6ft3 and 69kg / 152lbs, never worked out in his life and so I challenged him to transform his life in 90 days!
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My Best Friend's Incredible 90 Day Body Transformation (Full Documentary) | THE $500 CHALLENGE
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  • He did this as a complete beginner, with no equipment, at home, during a pandemic. I'm insanely proud and he worked his ass off! He has not skipped a workout or made up excuses. This video took an insane amount of time to shoot and edit, watching the entire documentary, smashing like and maybe making this one of my most viewed videos would mean the world to me 🔥 Check out The Bodyweight Master Course here: (70% off this week)

    BrowneyBrowneyIl y a mois
    • Lets see how my transformation goes im on day 2 of the 90 day transformation my pfp was everyday 90 days at 13 im 15 now been slackin

      KingLoKoKingLoKoIl y a 7 jours
    • My bodybuilding hulf month I am strong

      Andaleeb KhanmarwatAndaleeb KhanmarwatIl y a 12 jours
    • I broke the stone my punch you challenge me

      Andaleeb KhanmarwatAndaleeb KhanmarwatIl y a 12 jours
    • Just started my own workout channel, please check it out and give me your best feedback.

      Filip SvanbergFilip SvanbergIl y a 12 jours
    • it seems his muscles are suddenly uneven inaccurate work they were so he didn't really have experience so his muscles were aligned to which muscle he forced And it seems that he didn't nice worked out. it doesn’t even do any good health better if the young man goes to see his blood pressure for him

      Dóka HenrikDóka HenrikIl y a 24 jours
  • 2027 Turning a gorilla in to a griller Yeah I just ran out of ideas.

  • i wanna be Stan's friend

    R Ceva07R Ceva07Il y a 11 heures
  • hi

    Bernabe Camposeco RosBernabe Camposeco RosIl y a jour
  • sup

    Bernabe Camposeco RosBernabe Camposeco RosIl y a jour
  • What was the training program for him?

    ailiasailiasIl y a 2 jours
  • Is this hard??

    Yuki UkanamiYuki UkanamiIl y a 2 jours
    • @Geweldenaar f ;-;

      Yuki UkanamiYuki UkanamiIl y a heure
    • Yes

      GeweldenaarGeweldenaarIl y a heure
  • 1like 5 push up Pls motivate me thank you so much

    Annie AckermanAnnie AckermanIl y a 3 jours
  • it will be great if he can keep going at it and do another video one year later to see the changes.

    cool thoughtcool thoughtIl y a 4 jours
  • i always thought that white chair next to his sink was a toilet, lol

    Ericson BrenoEricson BrenoIl y a 4 jours
  • He looks a little like Anakin Skywalker

    Streamer BtwStreamer BtwIl y a 4 jours
  • I wish somone like Browney trained me

    Krish SharmaKrish SharmaIl y a 4 jours

    Sudeepto PuthalSudeepto PuthalIl y a 4 jours
    • . jk

      Sudeepto PuthalSudeepto PuthalIl y a 4 jours
  • What's the background music name?

    anirudh rajanirudh rajIl y a 5 jours
  • probably underrated, but notice the big difference in his jawline/chin? looks much stronger and athletic for sure!

    Jared AndersonJared AndersonIl y a 5 jours
  • All the times when he does a diet videos we watch him eat eggs 🥚 only like why I now it’s good but everyday it’s not good

    Marilyn IssaMarilyn IssaIl y a 5 jours
  • Wait ar you dutch

    Levi VorstenboschLevi VorstenboschIl y a 6 jours
  • His pack looks like / \o o?

    HiddieNHiddieNIl y a 6 jours
  • The near existence splenomegaly release because burglar corroboratively subtract worth a kind faucet. sweltering, momentous maria

    Ginger SimonGinger SimonIl y a 6 jours
  • Why you training anakin skywalker

    LeoLeoIl y a 7 jours
  • well, i didn't know that nowadays people with mesomorph body type call themselves skinny,, lol, all u needed was just a heavy workout, bc u got a body type that digests food in the best way, but, its still took so much hard work to edit this video, so for that, i appreciate u ,, but don't lie about transformation in 90 days like it was hard for your body anyway,

    Rishabh SharmaRishabh SharmaIl y a 7 jours
  • Lets see how my 90 day transformatiom goes my pfp was 90 days of workin out when i was 13 im 15 now been big slackin

    KingLoKoKingLoKoIl y a 8 jours
  • 15:21 Bro them captions though 😂 👌🏽

    ƎɹoℲǝɯoƆǝʌIƎɹoℲǝɯoƆǝʌIIl y a 8 jours
  • And he's only 10

    Sam GlennonSam GlennonIl y a 8 jours
  • My young brother can do 50 push ups

    Sam GlennonSam GlennonIl y a 8 jours
    • Probably he doesn’t weight anything

      Atrius PeraltaAtrius PeraltaIl y a 6 jours
  • He's so week he couldn't do any pull ups

    Sam GlennonSam GlennonIl y a 8 jours
  • What is wrong with his six pack

    Sam GlennonSam GlennonIl y a 8 jours
  • Unfortunate to see your friend also progressively became more full of himself though..

    MeJustAimyMeJustAimyIl y a 8 jours
  • Been watching your videos for a year and now and only just seen I wasn’t subscribed ffs🤦🏽

    Kaosbeats 0121Kaosbeats 0121Il y a 9 jours
  • Maaaannn... I love this dude's form. It's perrrfecttt... no setbacks real WORK!

    FastWarri0rFastWarri0rIl y a 9 jours
  • dude i wanna meet up with you and make you put me through the 90 day challenge i need this

    jenny askildtjenny askildtIl y a 9 jours
  • I need this type of motivation 😢

    Mr.QuackerzMr.QuackerzIl y a 9 jours
  • why not drinking water?

    NisS ONNisS ONIl y a 10 jours
  • Can you share the routine

    Maneth KahapolaManeth KahapolaIl y a 11 jours
  • Ik zie dat jullie in Nederland wonen, ik ook! Ik ben zelf 6 maanden geleden begonnen met trainen ik woog zelf 107,9 kg en zit nu op 90 kilo me spier is van 24 naar 32% gegaan en me vet van 36% naar 22%. Ik kijk je videos al een lange tijd en je geeft mij een positieve vibe en boost om door te gaan! Het lijkt me leuk om de challenge te doen. Hoe pas jij je voeding schema aan op iemand en welke workouts zijn het beste om te doen in 90 dagen transform challange? Graag hoor ik van je!! Succes met je kanaal en blijf doorgaan met deze vibe ✌🏼

    Justin SchrijverJustin SchrijverIl y a 11 jours
  • Now is a new person

    SdRuMoSdRuMoIl y a 11 jours
  • such a good friend man!

    Rasmus FUGLSANGRasmus FUGLSANGIl y a 11 jours
  • Till date I was thinking that guy in blue shirt was your best friend

    Prabhat TiwariPrabhat TiwariIl y a 12 jours
  • Do your work outs include at home? Or is had to be in the gym

    Johnny’s SoulJohnny’s SoulIl y a 13 jours

    Anthony SamaAnthony SamaIl y a 13 jours
  • u should do this but with someone on the HEAVIER side, like actually fat

    NezzumakiNezzumakiIl y a 14 jours
    • his sister

  • Me as a kid I got 35 push up in a row with toilet paper 😁😏

  • Who watches his videos for fun eventhough u cant be fucking bothered to exercise?

    chlebchlebIl y a 16 jours
  • He inspires me very much.

    Ethan EdwardsEthan EdwardsIl y a 16 jours
  • a full transormation is 12 weeks... consisting of Four 3 week programs that increase in difficulty... Search Buff dudes, and become a BEAST in 12 weeks

    WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUpWeFalDwnButWeGetBkUpIl y a 16 jours
  • Cool

    Lil0glox -_-Lil0glox -_-Il y a 16 jours
  • Wow better lighting after 90 Days 😂 jk good job

    wesley howardwesley howardIl y a 16 jours
  • Damn, Sten is incredibly likeable. Love his attitude towards stuff

    Sofus de la MotteSofus de la MotteIl y a 16 jours

    LOL MANLOL MANIl y a 16 jours
  • He doesn’t know how to workout frs, you are supposed to get full six packs in 30 days but he didn’t even get six packs after 90 days 😂😂👁👄👁

    Moise OfficialMoise OfficialIl y a 17 jours
  • Love from India

    SHADOW XP / YTSHADOW XP / YTIl y a 17 jours
  • Wist je dat wij ook vrienden zijn? Ik wil ook voor 500 dollar wel abs kweken! Haha!

    Chantal PrinsChantal PrinsIl y a 17 jours
  • Wow the code is actually really helpful. It saved me 20$ bucks!!!

    Tamas BullaTamas BullaIl y a 17 jours
  • How many calories he was eating every day?

    Guy NeemanGuy NeemanIl y a 17 jours
  • In what hour in the day I check the weight?

    Guy NeemanGuy NeemanIl y a 17 jours
  • Who’s going to be the next contestant for... “Browney’s Transformation Militia” ? Can’t wait to see who’s next!

    Macy ParkerMacy ParkerIl y a 18 jours
  • i wish i had a friend like you holy shit

    uncooked_rice69uncooked_rice69Il y a 18 jours
  • Lets go Feyenoord

    Tijmen TerpstraTijmen TerpstraIl y a 19 jours
  • 2025: Browney: Transforming my wife

    ## Moh the best## Moh the bestIl y a 19 jours
  • Damn! This guy has the feet of a foot model, especially in this frame 16:52 .

    Mihai BodnarucMihai BodnarucIl y a 19 jours
  • I thought Bleu shirt was your best friend :(

    Ryan GoddardRyan GoddardIl y a 19 jours
  • Now we have the guy in the red shirt and guy in the blue shirt and guy in the green shirt

    Marie Lind BrandtoftMarie Lind BrandtoftIl y a 20 jours
  • His day 1 is fine for me

    MahendranMahendranIl y a 20 jours
  • Dutch power!

    hermanhermanIl y a 20 jours
  • Into days?!!! I can do a lot more. 10 x 10 chin ups and push ups. Do pull ups 3 or 4 times a week. 2 x 5 sets and build up 5 x 5 sets etc you get strong so quick. My basic training is 10 x 10 pull ups and chin ups. 5 × 20 dips. 8 x 20 push ups 💪💪💪i had body Weight 82kg. Now 80kg

    arthurp_l UKarthurp_l UKIl y a 21 jour
  • I would love to do that challenge looks super fun

    JimbobOfDoomJimbobOfDoomIl y a 21 jour
  • That coca cola sketch make me laugh

    Joel GarcíaJoel GarcíaIl y a 21 jour

    Magical GamerMagical GamerIl y a 21 jour
  • This was so inspiring ! Will start my own 90 day challenge;) ps you're an amazing friend 😊😊😊

    Emme linaEmme linaIl y a 21 jour
  • Could you make a viedeo where you Show the workouts

    Elias RolandElias RolandIl y a 21 jour
  • Can you tell me what to eat I’m trying to get bigger to

    Monte LMonte LIl y a 22 jours
  • Next time unscramble those abs

    VC GAMING TrailersVC GAMING TrailersIl y a 22 jours
  • You can see the change in his face

    VC GAMING TrailersVC GAMING TrailersIl y a 22 jours
  • I wish browney could train me

    CefroCefroIl y a 22 jours
  • Imo this transformation is not That good. I have better

    shut tf upshut tf upIl y a 22 jours
  • Hey! my man I am PROUD of you, nice one!!!

    Jerry ObukohwoJerry ObukohwoIl y a 22 jours
  • what's the whole program?

    EvilenazEvilenazIl y a 23 jours
  • mans 69kg... nice

    S07S07Il y a 23 jours
  • I'm 14 years old and still trying to grow and not lose weight. Do I still eat healthy while working out. But put more calories in. Or should I not go on a diet.

    Br0ccanBr0ccanIl y a 23 jours
  • Looks more like deformation 😂

    ToSamJaToSamJaIl y a 24 jours
  • This man might become bigger than browney. It’s all possibly

    QT The KiddQT The KiddIl y a 24 jours
  • next on 90 days transformation : MY SUBCRIBER 90 DAYS TRANSFORMATION ps: I can be the subcriber :)

    WeirdlyAnnoyingWeirdlyAnnoyingIl y a 24 jours
  • I want to see 180 days transformation

    Facuu FernandezzFacuu FernandezzIl y a 24 jours
  • I cant even do a pullup

    Aljaz pirnarAljaz pirnarIl y a 24 jours
  • Guys what we learn from this.... If u have a best friend like this u can do anything..... Like this if u agree???

    MR. UNKNOWNMR. UNKNOWNIl y a 24 jours
  • I wonder if browney would like to do a online transformation

    Suhail AhmedSuhail AhmedIl y a 25 jours
  • I need a Bestfriend like Browney too

    Sun GrgSun GrgIl y a 25 jours
  • Did you let him rest because that might be why he was so low on the push-ups during the 90days

    M BEATSXM BEATSXIl y a 25 jours
  • this is funny because before he did the transformation he could do 23 push ups. Im 13 and can do 19 push ups LOL. He did better but i mean come on hes 20 years old

    GTCuberGTCuberIl y a 25 jours
  • I will say this though He definitely got a boost of confidence looks a lot more happier crazy how that happens.

    Jamesthebond 007Jamesthebond 007Il y a 25 jours
  • I'm seeing the work and him trying but I don't see any abs only a funny looking Pigeon chest nice video anyways

    Jamesthebond 007Jamesthebond 007Il y a 25 jours
  • Feyenoordddd❤🤍

    Senna BootSenna BootIl y a 26 jours
  • Feyenoord. Klasse!

    VD VDVD VDIl y a 26 jours
  • How i inspired with this video.

    Muhamad Rizki RusdianMuhamad Rizki RusdianIl y a 26 jours
  • I would love to see another girl transformation!

    Vio LinaVio LinaIl y a 26 jours
  • Every time someone likes this it gives me motivation to work out.

    • I will start tomorrow OMG

      C1YBER CHICKENC1YBER CHICKENIl y a 17 heures
    • Wow I am surprised on how many likes I’ve got❤️❤️

      C1YBER CHICKENC1YBER CHICKENIl y a 17 heures
  • excellent work, how many kcal did your friend start eating for gaining weight fast ? Thank you

    Fernando SantosFernando SantosIl y a 26 jours
  • I want to go home.

    د سيف D. Saifد سيف D. SaifIl y a 27 jours
  • I wish I had someone to help me tbh. I just want to get stronger for many reasons but not really sure what to do.

    spazzinspazzinIl y a 27 jours
  • What is this Photoshop in the afters LOL

    Asier LuqueAsier LuqueIl y a 27 jours