Hardest Push up In The World: The Floating Push up

15 déc. 2020
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Hardest Push up In The World: The Floating Push up
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Alright so, you've got: The normal push up, most pushups in 30 seconds, the no hands pushup, a pushup board pushup, a pushup with a VR headset, the impossible pushup, the magic pushup, the double magic pushup, explosive magic pushup, wait what? Where does it stop?
Well, not any time soon, because we're back with The Floating Push up, and this might be the hardest pushup I have ever tried...
Check out the guy who did this:
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    • @browney thanks for the credit😍

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    • Bruh when i tried it I looked like a worm frlift.info/first/vid-o/z6nKx5erq4upoqQ.html

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  • I'm convinced that the guy in the blue shirt is the best at push-ups worldwide

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  • 6:48 , he looks like a beast U guys r the best

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  • being motivated from you I started work out planned my diet myself and redused 10 kg in 45 days

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  • The guys who challenged you are from Israel and I am subscribe to there channel and they col the Levi's fitness

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  • I do 100 push-ups on a daily basis.

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  • @levy's fitnk

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  • This guy does 47 pushups in 30 secs, AFTER 50 PULLUPS in 3 minutes... frlift.info/first/vid-o/kmyr2Zhzw5KXiqg.html

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  • Fun fact this channel was created 7 years ago It used to be a gaming channel

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  • I wanna try this also been asking so many different bodybuilders and or powerlifters on how i should start correct dieting and more so i can build more mass please help i have received no messages back=((

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